Know Home Living Room Impressions Through 9 Different Colors Design

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The living room is the room at the front when entering the house. Functioning to receive guests, this room must be designed comfortably for both the owner and visiting guests. Then what kind of design can make this room be comfortable without losing its artistic value?

Through a variety of colors, the room will give different impressions. Following this, the use of 9 colors in the living room helps you to recognize the impressions they cause. So that later you will be easier and wiser to give coloring to the living room in your house.

Solid Blue

Blue is indeed quite popular for coloring in the house. Provides a stable impression and confidence when people look at it. The blue color also gives a cool and calm feel when you and your guests are in it. Communication can also be more smooth because this color can clear your mind. Even though it is dark blue it creates a formal impression.


A room with a touch of cream will give a classic impression. Comfortable and soft also present in this living room. Combine these colors with neutral colors like white, gray, or black so that colors can stand out more than other colors. Cozy and classy too.


Who would have thought red could look attractive to be presented to the eye. Yep! This striking red color gives the impression of enthusiasm, warmth and courage. Choosing this color means you dare to face challenges because it is not easy to give this color to the living room. But with the right combination of red, it gives comfort to the space. This color is very striking so don’t immediately give this color to all sides of the room.

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Choosing yellow means making the living room brighter and cheerful. Warm and friendly can be felt by visitors in this room. This color also has a strong appeal. Stimulating the eye so that it spoils the eyes when seeing this color. Of course it remains in certain schemes that are not excessive. Yellow also adds a level of concentration and a familiar atmosphere is more intertwined. But if too much yellow will describe an atmosphere of anxiety and fear.


For this one color many have agreed to give a feminine impression. The overall pink will look different with a bright red color. If red gives a stimulating and strong nature, pink gives a gentle and soothing nature. Eliminating the tension that occurs. The color also describes romanticism in the room.


Now for this one color the color is suitable for all spaces. Symbolizing cleanliness and purity, the room seems simple and peaceful. Can be combined with various colors and other materials. The room becomes brighter and also wider. Do not forget to also provide flexibility in indoor motion.


Who isn’t familiar with this one color? Chocolate is identical to wood material. Provides warmth and also a natural impression in the room. The color gives a formal and serious impression. Even so, the living room with the color brown is the welcoming color. Antique and old impressions are also created, but it is really comfortable for the scope of the room.


Give the room a touch of gray so that the room will provide shade. One color that is also close to nature, neutral and not contrasting. Suitable combined with various colors. The living room will not be too prominent but soothing and reassuring.

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The other color is close to the color of nature. Yep Green! As if reminiscent of the natural atmosphere with grass and leaves in the trees. Harmony and harmony in space can be felt with this color. Relax and soothe. Give freshness to people in the room. But when incorrectly used it will give a bland impression on the room.

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