Here Colorful Bathroom Inspirations, Bring Attractive Shades to Bathing

In addition to the bedroom and family room, colorful designs can be applied in the bathroom too. Most bathroom designs do carry a minimalist and simple concept because the space area is generally not as large as other rooms. But if the bathroom is given a touch of color, the bathroom will feel more alive.

Bathroom is a place where we often find brilliant ideas. To provoke these ideas, the design of the bathroom must be attractive. Here are five colorful design inspirations that you can make a guide when you want to renovate your bathroom. These six inspirations will make the bathroom more playful!

The bathroom is more cheerful with a yellow color combination

Yellow has cheerful meaning. Presenting this color in the bathroom can make the mood better, especially when bathing in the morning. Add a touch of color to this bathroom by placing a red carpet and blue porcelain stool. The variety of motifs that are present on the stool that resembles a jar make the bathroom more alive.

The colorful combination of red, blue and yellow certainly makes the bathroom not monotonous. So that the solid color match is more balanced, use white in the bathtub, door and sink.

Use of colorful flower wallpapers

Who says wallpapers can only be used in rooms and family rooms? In the bathroom too, you know! Instead, choosing a colorful wallpaper would be suitable to be combined with white, like this bathroom. Placement of the position of colorful flower wallpaper and white ceramic on the wall try for 50:50. This colorful placement technique makes the bathroom attractive, but still elegant.

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Blue-colored patterned ceramics

In addition to combining plain wall colors with decorations, the use of patterned ceramics can also be an option for presenting colorful bathrooms. Patterned ceramics combined with a variety of blue and green elements are used as the focus of the room with the floor and wall of the shower area paired. Rectangular white ceramic mounted on another wall.

In addition to bringing a different aura, the bathroom also feels crowded with a variety of colors that are present due to the ceramic element motif. The white ceramic is also able to neutralize this crowd of blue and green motif ceramics. A little industrial element comes through ceramics that resemble bricks. Therefore, this colorful bathroom combines industrial and vintage elements in harmony.

Terracotta color combination with neutral colors

Terracotta colors or the color of bricks are also a favorite color for many people. Combine this color with neutral colors so that the bathroom becomes more colorful, awesome, and calm. On the bathroom floor, install ceramics with terracotta, black and white colored circle models. Alternatively, you can intersect white and terracotta ceramics.

In a partition that separates the bathtub from the bath area, color it with terracotta color. In the other wall area, use white. To be more colorful, also present a seat with a blue and pink pastel sofa. Do not forget, attach the cover of woven lights to make this colorful bathroom look more natural.

A small but meaningful touch of color

You don’t like colorful bathrooms but are bored with monotonous bathrooms? Calm down, you can watch this problem, really. Neutral colors like white remain the dominant color in the bathroom. At the door, make a small green mural. In the inside of the bathroom, use patterned tiles on the floor and one side of the bathroom wall.

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You can color the sink tub according to your favorite color, like pink and yellow. These two bright colors include colors that can give life to the bathroom because the effect is very strong. That way, you will get a colorful bathroom.

In combining various colors in the bathroom, you still need the presence of white. In addition to white, bright neutral colors like chocolate are used to mediate between one color and another so that the solid color matching does not become messy and disruptive. Thinking about new ideas is easier and the mood can return.

Good luck trying to apply colors to your bathroom

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