Here are the Tips for Organizing a Minimalist Modern Clean Kitchen

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The kitchen is one of the important parts of the house. In fact, before 1920, German society made the kitchen not only as a place for cooking and eating, but also playing, bathing, and even sleeping. A spacious and modern kitchen is no cooler thanĀ  a small but neatly arranged kitchen. The size of the kitchen in your home is not very important.

The cleanliness and tidiness of the kitchen is the most important because it is part of housewife activities, that’s where you prepare dishes for the family so that the cleanliness and hygiene of the clean kitchen and the equipment used are very important. You also have to maintain the tidiness of the kitchen by arranging the items in its place. Sometimes, with so many kitchen sets available, you become confused in arranging and arranging the kitchen in such a way that it is neat and clean. Here are tips for managing and keeping your kitchen clean.

As the lifestyle evolved, many people began to switch to simple kitchen sets. Maybe the presence of a kitchen set is not too essential considering that cooking is not always an everyday activity. But that does not mean the kitchen is no longer needed. Therefore, a simple kitchen set is considered a solution so that the needs of cooking and eating can be fulfilled without wasting too much space and cost to make a kitchen set.

Here are 5 tips on managing and maintaining a minimalist kitchen in your home that is clean and comfortable for its residents.

Early Design with the Right of Your Minimalist Kitchen

When you first design a house, don’t miss the kitchen design properly. Because the kitchen is one of the core in the house. L-shaped kitchen decor can be a design choice. This kitchen arrangement design consists of two counters arranged like a right angle. This can facilitate mobilization while cooking in the kitchen, and can be used by more than one person.

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Create a List of Required Priority Tools

Because there is too much equipment, when we cook we are confused or even forget to put the important tools where. There is no harm in making a priority list of equipment. There are a number of cooking utensils that must be used and there are also some that are only used occasionally. To organize a minimalist kitchen, start organizing cooking utensils, from the ones often used to those rarely used.

Some basic kitchen utensils such as forks, knives, a set of spoons, spatulas, plates and cups or cups, for the design of a minimalist kitchen must be placed in a place or cabinet that is easy if you can always put it in the kitchen island or counter. Both of these tools are vital in any type of cooking activity.

For knives, it is also important for us to know the various functions and types of knives that are in a set of knives. So, in the design of a minimalist kitchen, what type of knife needs to be arranged. It’s can be used to cut meat, fruit, spices, and bread. You can choose, which knife can be placed on the counter table and which can be stored in the knives shelves. Take care of the knife regularly too, so there are no rusty knives.

Choose furniture that is suitable for a minimalist clean kitchen design

In arranging a minimalist kitchen. Choose the right furniture, such as chairs and dining tables made of lightweight and slim material. This can help design a minimalist kitchen so it doesn’t look too crowded with limited space. Choose furniture and kitchen sets made from stainless steel for minimalist kitchen design is also recommended. Because stainless steel is neutral, durable and durable. Many also use wood-based cabinets. The natural motives of wood surfaces are generally certainly suitable with the concept of a minimalist kitchen

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Smart Light Placement for Minimalist Clean Kitchen Designs

The key to the success of a minimalist chef-style kitchen design is actually simplicity. In this case, the simplicity of one of the minimalist kitchen designs can be achieved through proper room lighting. You don’t need to force a chandelier in the kitchen. In the kitchen, you only need a ceiling chandelier that is simple but with enough light that the cooking work at home is not disturbed.

Use Single Sink

You can make a minimalist kitchen set wider by using a single bowl or single sink sink. For a minimalist kitchen set, you don’t need to use a lot of sinks which will take up a lot of space. The solution can be by adding a removable filter to the sink.

Having a clean and neatly arranged kitchen will certainly make cooking and cleaning in the kitchen more enjoyable right? Hopefully the above tips are useful!

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