Here are the Tips and Tricks for You Maximize Natural Lighting

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The lighting system at the residence, especially natural lighting is one of the important factors. That should not be set aside when designing a House. Not just to facilitate the activity because of a better explanation. A good natural lighting will also make room in your home more comfortable and healthy. Because it can minimize the growth of parasites and germs and bacteria.

Want to fix natural lighting in your House? Check how to maximize natural lighting and a variety of inspiring natural lighting to make your House a lot more comfortable!

Take advantage of the Door as natural lighting

The most basic natural lighting system and conventional is the window of the House. If a window in your House is not possible, you can get an extra additional natural lighting from the door.

Not only as a circulation and entrance, you can design a door  with material and design that allows natural lighting could penetrate the entrance into the room. In addition to natural lighting, the design of the door like this could give the look more attractive and elegant on the House.

Natural lighting through Skylights

Space in the adjacent home with another space so it is difficult getting the natural light. Because of the elements of the wall through the window? Difficult does not mean impossible. Take advantage of the design of the skylight, that allows spaces get natural lighting from the top of the room.

If the design of the skylight feels too complex and require more budget, the use of the roof made of glass are also quite popular as a replacement for the lighting source to add skylights on residences.

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Alternative natural lighting with Glass Block

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Provide openings in the residence can indeed provide natural lighting at home. But sometimes there is a view that you want to avoid. For that, you can replace the source natural lighting in the room with the ice using glass block. So that natural light can penetrate entered the room without making any unwanted view visible from within the room.

For an interesting look, you can organize the composition of the glass block as attractive as possible and you’ll get an aesthetic was also able to maximize the lighting in the room.

Natural lighting with a dramatic shadow effects with the Roster

Not just just frankly, natural lighting you can design for a more dramatic turn. This dramatic effects one of which you can get from the shadows in space through the use of the roster.

Now there are countless design options an attractive and modern roster. It’s not just create natural lighting gives a dramatic shadow effects, but also aesthetic and attractive appearance.

Ventilation not only As air circulation

Generally, the presence of ventilation of the room is indeed the aim as a source of air circulation in the room. However, in addition a ventilation space is also modified to allow the entry of natural light into the room

For that, there’s no harm in giving wider space ventilation with use of transparent materials that allow light to enter into the dwelling.

A lot of alternative way presents natural lighting at your home in addition to using Windows, conventional methods of natural lighting that is more commonly used. With creativity, lots of elements on the space can become a path entry of natural light into the home. The use of the material glass roof, walls of glass block, until the rooster are some of the unique alternative could be the right one.

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Even though it has good natural source lighting in space. But never underestimate the presence of artificial lighting to maximize room lighting. Let’s start creating and create a more comfortable and functional room with maximum lighting.

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