Here Are 7 Mistakes of Minimalist Home Decor We Don’t Realize

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Decorating the interior of an old house is an activity that needs to be done routinely. The goal is nothing but to provide a new atmosphere in the house and get rid of objects that are no longer used. Not only that, changes in minimalist home decor can also keep the house up to date with existing interior trends. Unfortunately, many people often make mistakes when the minimalist home decor is so that the house is not attractive, but rather messy.

Without realizing it, maybe you are one of those who made a mistake in a minimalist home decor. Let’s see first, some of the following mistakes and compare the situation with your current home!

Saving lots of items is a mistake in a minimalist home decor

Minimalist homes are said to be so, not without reason. The hallmark of a minimalist house is simple and does not use many items. What happens if your minimalist space is filled with a lot of stuff on the grounds that there is no place to store the item? Of course it will damage the minimalist home decor. Especially if you put the item carelessly.

Try to sort the items that are stored, which ones can still be used and which ones can no longer be used. Items that can still be used should be put in a storage box so that it does not look messy and pollute the house. While items that are already unusable, should be disposed of or sold.

Not paying attention to lighting

Minimalist home interior is usually applied to small to medium spaces. Lamp lighting elements or natural lighting will have a big influence on the room, some of which are creating the illusion of a more spacious space and providing comfort for the occupants.

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Without good lighting, minimalist home decor will be in vain. The room will look crowded and gloomy. Take advantage of the sun for lighting during the day. If possible, make a large, minimalist window so that this sunlight can illuminate all corners of the room. At night use lighting from lights, both direct and indirect.

Does not separate area

Generally a minimalist house has limited land so that the occupants are forced to unite several spaces at once in one area. For example, the kitchen and dining room, or family room and minimalist dining room in one area. This is fine, but what often happens in a minimalist home decor is when the occupants do not separate the area from other areas.

In order for a minimalist home decor to look more presentable, separate these areas using a dividing wall or a semi-permanent partition of the creative space such as a closet or curtain.

Do not use furniture based on size and function

The selection of minimalist furniture must be based on consideration of size and function. You find a sofa that is very comfortable to use but its size is too big for your living room? Throw away the desire to buy it. Buying furniture for your home must also be considered carefully.

Likewise for consideration of functions. If you can use the ottoman as a storage area, footrests, coffee table, as well as a seat, why should you buy it separately and fill the whole room?

Keep all furniture away from the wall

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It is true that keeping furniture from the wall can make the room look wider than its actual size. But if you keep all the furniture from the wall away, you have made a mistake in minimalist home decor. The result is the room will look messy and complicate the traffic path of the residents of the house.

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If you want to keep the furniture away from the wall, you should do it in just a few corners. Also, pay attention to the distance of furniture from the wall. If the furniture is small, don’t get too far from the wall. Conversely, if the furniture is large, do not get too close to the wall.

Hang too many displays as a minimalist home decor

Minimalist home decor can not be separated from the decor and wall displays such as wall clocks, photo frames, or paintings. Hanging a display on the wall in a symmetrical arrangement will make it look neat. Conversely, hanging displays on a wall in a random arrangement can create a more dynamic and creative impression. You are free to determine the arrangement of displays according to your wishes because they both beautify minimalist home decor.

But everything will be in vain if you hang too many displays on the wall. Instead of looking beautiful, a minimalist home decor will look messy and disturb the view. Come on, start sorting out what photos you want to display and limit the number!

Use furniture in various sizes as a minimalist home decor

Some interior experts suggest using furniture in various sizes to create a different and more interesting atmosphere. If you are not an expert in managing minimalist home decor, you should avoid these tips because the results can be messy and the room looks lame. Basically a minimalist room will be more eye-catching if all the furniture has a balanced size. For example a large sofa accompanied by a large coffee table too.

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