Here are 7 Interior Styles of the Family’s Most Favorite Living Room

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When visiting a person’s house, the first room you will see is the living room of the house. This makes the interior design of the living room a representation of the whole house. So, let’s pay more attention to the interior design of the living room in your house.

Discussing the interior design of the living room itself, there are many styles in the interior that are developing now. Various styles of living room interior design can you choose according to the model from the house. There are several interior style living rooms that are now popular to reference the interior of your dream living room.

Minimalist living room interior

for enthusiasts of modern design to be easy in determining the interior design that is suitable for your home. Minimalist living room interior design is the safest choice.

The use of basic colors and minimalist furniture never fails to make the whole house feel more modern and contemporary.

The interior of the industrial living room with a natural touch

The style of interior design of industrial guest rooms has recently become popular with many people. This industrial impression is also often encountered in the interior models of several living rooms.

Raw materials that are exposed, as well as the use of it’s elements which are usually not found in residential interior design. This is one characteristic that is usually seen in the interior of the living room in an industrial style.

The interior of the vintage living room is open

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The interior inspiration of the next living room is the interior of a vintage-style living room. Unlike the previous style, the interior of the living room actually brings a warmer and homey impression.
A distinctive feature of vintage design is the use of old-style furniture and the application of light pastel colors. Combining the interior of this living room with natural materials such as rattan or natural material furniture such as bamboo chairs makes the concept of open space a perfect choice for making a comfortable living room interior.

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Scandinavian living room interior

For those of you who want to have a neat and clean living room interior without reducing aesthetic value, this Scandinavian interior inspiration can be your choice or reference.

With colors dominated by monochrome colors and also the use of minimalist Scandinavian-style furniture and furniture, Scandinavian interior styles look much neater and attractive.

You can also complement the Scandinavian-style living room interior design with modern artistic decor to give an artistic impression to the interior of the living room without reducing the Scandinavian atmosphere it has.

Natural living room interior

The next choice of living room interior is a great choice for those of you who not only want a warm impression, but also a fresh feel. You can realize this natural living room interior design with very easy steps.

First, the choice of colors in the interior of your living room must be centered on the choice of earthy tone colors. Both in finishing the room or choosing furniture and complementary decorations. In choosing furniture to fill the interior of the living room, prioritize furniture that uses natural materials.

Finally, complete the interior of the living room by placing a few green plants. That way, the interior of your living room will feel more natural and refreshing.

Retro living room interior

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The interior of the living room with retro design is now also beginning to be in demand. For those of you who want to look eccentric, the design of this one living room can be your choice and reference. Enough with the use of contrasting colors typical of retro and complete it with pop art decorations.

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To strengthen the retro impression. We can choose to use furniture that is a little antique. One characteristic of a vintage design that has a contrasting color.

The interior of the living room like this will give a unique and eccentric impression that is strong to anyone who sees it.

Modern oriental living room interior

Warm and ethnic impressions can be realized not only by relying on the interior of a Javanese-style living room like before. The choice of this modern oriental-style living room interior can also be your choice.

With the selection of earthy tone colors equipped with oriental ornaments and decorations that have been modified to the pecinan home interior, you can get the impression of ethnicity and warm yet modern.

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