Here are 5 Tips to Improve Air Circulation at Home

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The lack of air ventilation can cause hot air coming from outside house that trapped inside the house. Air circulation cannot flow properly so that it makes the house uncomfortable.

However, it is not only the presence of air vents that can affect the smooth flow of air, the entry and exit of air around the building, it also has an effect on air exchange. Even though the cross ventilation system has been applied on both sides of the building, if the open space outside the house is too narrow, the hot air that comes out will be held around the house.
Because, this is an unavoidable problem for those of you who live in dense urban settlements. The distance between houses is only a few meters, even many houses are separated by only a wall. As a result of this limitation, the addition of ventilation to facilitate circulation is also difficult.

So in conditions like this, is it still possible for you to breathe fresh air from healthy air circulation? Here are some strategies you can do to get smooth circulation in the house.

Open windows and doors at night

Home ventilation helps smooth air circulation at home both day and night. But when the availability of ventilation is too minimal, the smooth circulation of air can be supported by maximizing the source of openings at night. Open the window in every room in the house, make sure also the doors open so that air can move throughout the room.

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Presents green open space

The air quality that enters the house is very dependent on the quality of the air coming from outside the room. The more clean air, the smoother circulation in the room. Conversely, if too much dirty air enters, it will inhibit clean air circulation. Try present a garden around the house to improve air quality.

Limit sun exposure

Sun exposure can interfere with air circulation in the room. The increased room temperature in the room can turn cold air into hot air. This will be a problem for building houses facing north or west because it is more intensely exposed to the sun’s heat.

Try to install a canopy on the window and ventilation. Some of the heat can be reflected back into the air, the circulation in the room continues as it should. In addition, you can also use glass that can regulate ultraviolet light absorption. When exposed to the sun directly, the color of the glass turns opaque so it absorbs less heat.

Rearrange furniture at home

Furniture and furniture in the room can also be a cause of stagnant air circulation. Cabinets are often placed just in front of the window, blocking the wind and outside air from entering. Do rearrangement in the room so that it paves the way for air circulation.

In addition to paving the way for air circulation, furniture rearrangement can also improve the smooth access of users in the home. Mobility inside and between rooms is very dependent on good furniture organization. Circulation of motion is not hampered, the arrangement of space inside also appears more flexible and more beautiful to look at.

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Use antitoxin material

Materials that contain chemical compounds can affect the smooth flow of the circulation because it directly affects the air quality in the room. The air that was originally clean is then contaminated and inhibits circulation. Coating materials such as paint and wood coating can reduce the air quality around the room. Therefore, use antitoxin paints and coatings and multiply the use of natural materials such as wood and bamboo.

Smooth circulation in the house can provide benefits for both body health and home health. A room with smooth air circulation prevents dirt, mold, and bacteria that often arise causing building damage or disease.

By trying to apply the above tactics, besides being able to save more electricity because the house remains cool even without air conditioning, you can also live healthier with smooth air circulation!

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