Here are 10 Fatal Error When Styling Your Small Living Room

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You want to organize your small living room, but you don’t know anything reserved interior?

Had it occurred to don’t maybe you can do it, great living room alone is difficult. With a small living room, ye options in choosing the right decoration so very limited, right?

Small living room design is very tricky. It took a special finesse-finesse shows the small living room does not look cramped. Utilizing each corner space in the small living room, either vertically or horizontally you shall make a major mindset. Although a bit complex and are at risk of failing if you don’t care, styling your small living room instead of the kicker might create a beginner. Here are 10 fatal error when styling your living room is small, there is that you do not?

The placement of couches in small living room

Whenever possible, place the sofa glued to the wall. This will make a small living room look more spacious. If put a couch in the middle of the room, there will be a space between the back of the sofa and the wall is empty or the other side of the wall. This even will make the living room look small getting smaller!

Sofa pillows in a small living room

Not just a quality sofa you should choose. When choosing the pillow decor for a sofa, look also at coraknya. What ingredients, complexion, and, measuring in accordance with the couch you have? Choose pillows with a size too large for example, even a small living room making yours look full.

The right position for YOUR TV

Never place the TV on the wall by the window. Sunlight during the day could have been in no immediate shine. Gravity, it could make a small living room you look a mess. The best position to put the television on the wall was empty. You can install a bracket or put the Cabinet to shore up the TV.

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Small living room need proper lighting

The right lighting can bring up the spacious effect for small living spaces. If possible, assemble the furniture to create zones that are more functional. This would enhance the effectiveness of the lighting. Small living room should also have more than one light source. You can rely on large Windows for natural lighting.

Small living room models too stiff

Don’t be afraid to design small living room that integrate with the virtual world. If you are using only one model, the living room you will certainly look very stiff. The solution, you can wear a brightly colored sofa, juxtaposed with the right coffee table is colored. However, don’t be too excessive also when doing mix design match & living room is small. A lot of people who don’t know how to decorate a living room with a simple right, do you include?

Color selection of furniture is also important!

Adjust the color of the furniture with the type of the ceiling. If the small living room of a low ceiling punyamu, do not choose colors suggestive of dark furniture. Choose a bright or neutral colors tend to, such as beige or light grey. Contrasted with the ornamental plant on the table, or add a simple wall hangings.

The living room is small and the wrong furniture models

Do not let you impose a sofa or other furniture that is too large for a small living room. Because, living room small indeed need extra attention in the selection of furniture. Note the alignment of the type of furniture for small living room with character. If it is considered not suitable, sofa or furniture can be functioned to another room that could be them.

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The incoming light

If possible, make a small living room design can enter the light from outside the House in. .. If no Windows are able to do it to the maximum, use large mirrors that reflect light. In addition to light up and save electricity, large mirrors also had the effect of enlarging the room.

Laying on photo collage on a small living room

As an alternative, usually homeowners use photo collage best moments to decorate a small living room. However, the mistake that is often made is putting the photos in random order in all corners of the room. This even will make a small living room look messy. For that, try to make the most of one side of the empty area to become a special photo gallery.

It’s not difficult to design a small living room even though you don’t have a basis in home interior design! Small living room design is certainly a key from main sights most of you home first rated guests or relatives you visit home.

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