Here 10 Design Tips and Tricks for Very Simple Homes

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A very simple house is certainly a dream for those of you who want to avoid the hassle of cleaning the house. Living in a home with minimal capacity is no reason to abandon the design of a dream house. A very simple house has become a trend that is quite mushrooming in the home and living industry, either for financial reasons or personal preferences. Whatever the reason, Kania is ready to share 10 design tips and tricks for a very simple house that you must try now!

Choose a Practical Arrangement Rack

The limited space in the house is very simple, requiring you to be more creative in storing things. Take advantage of stacking cabinet models that can be arranged as needed. Arrange in such a way on one side of the house that is adequate. Even though it is said that the house is very simple. Of course you still need enough storage space and a nice home decoration.

More Powerful with Rattan

For a very simple house, forget the furniture style that seems heavy. Switch to furniture made from natural materials such as rattan that is easily moved because of its relatively light weight. Rattan furniture is also very durable and the price is more affordable. Furniture design like this brings natural nuances that can relieve the narrow impression in a very simple house.

Take advantage of Lighting

A very simple house that is generally small will feel more tenuous with the right lighting. Make sure sunlight can illuminate the house to the fullest, for example by avoiding the use of dark glass or heavy curtains. In addition, make sure that every corner of the room in the house is exposed to a beam of light to give the impression that even in a very simple house, there is a relatively large space.

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Making Extensive Illusions with Carpets

Decorating a house is very simple depending on the right perspective game. One trick is to use a carpet. Choose carpets that are large enough to be placed under the majority of furniture in the room. In addition to being a room decoration, placing carpets in every room in a very simple house can create the illusion that every space is wider than you think.

Play in the Vertical Room

Because of the lack of floor space in the house is very simple, it’s time to think of the space vertically. Take advantage of vertical space by choosing high-sized furniture or utilizing height like a wall shelf. Change furniture design preferences by prioritizing the height of furniture, for example by ordering furniture that fits just the height of a wall. A very simple house will feel more unique and neatly arranged.

Don’t Forget the Green Touch

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Presenting the natural atmosphere in the house is very simple by adding green plants in the corners of the unused room. Adjust the type of plant with the amount of space available. For example by prioritizing plants in hanging pots that don’t take up space or small pots.

Beautify the Corner of the Room

Smart use of the corner of the room is one of the most important tips in designing a very simple house. Treat the corner of the room like an empty room that needs to be filled. There are so many creative ways to make the corners of the room a maximum gap like adding corner furniture such as shelves, mattresses and corner cabinets.

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Add the Right Decoration

Mirror is a powerful weapon that should be used in a very simple house. This one decoration can make a very simple house feel wider because of the mirroring effect that is created. Mirror reflective power gives a broad impression of the room. You can also display an artistic style in the mirror decoration so that the very simple house feels more stylish.

Fill the Wall with Unique Decorations

Divert attention from minimal space to vertical space with unique decorations. Spread wall hangings properly throughout the house so simple to look more stylish. Make sure the wall decoration is not excessive because it will make the room feel narrower.

Minimizing Goods in the House

The best thing for a home is very simple is to minimize the number of objects and furniture in the house. Create the habit of cleaning and tidying up items after use. Make sure you have removed items that are no longer used. Spend space only for basic furniture such as dining tables and chairs in the dining room and store other items in drawers or other storage spaces.

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